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Elisa Fortise Christensen

American Author, Poet and Public Speaker

Elisa Christensen is a renowned author and poet and charismatic public speaker on the subjects of parenting and addiction. She resides amongst the trees on a mountain top in California and is available for author talks throughout the United States and Canada.


Part memoir, part scientific exploration of the addicted brain, and part field guide, this heartfelt and honest story chronicles the 30-year journey of an American woman who finally had enough of living addicted to doctor-prescribed narcotics.


Christensen found a path out of the black abyss and back over to the bright side…for good.


Regardless of the type of addiction you suffer from. this memoir demonstrates how you can become a warrior in your own fight to take back your life from this human affliction.

"This is a vivid personal account of one woman’s escalating use of pain medications following an injury and the depths of despair and dysfunction that resulted.


The most valuable and inspirational part of the book is the explanation of the mindset which drove Elise to fight her way out of this pit of darkness and the description of the process she used to bring herself back to a a state of wellness.


This story of success offers hope to others who may find it difficult to see a clear path to a life of productivity, satisfaction and joy."

                                                               -Jennifer Dier

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A wise, heartfelt collection of letters written to her two adolescent sons on topics ranging from peer pressure to honoring our commitments.


Under each topic, Christensen guides young men through the choices in life that will determine their self respect, morality and strength of character.


A worthy compass for the adolescent male on his path to become a thoughtful, respectful, ethical and compassionate adult.   

"Reading Raising Boys To Be Honorable Men by Elisa Christensen was like peeking into the hearts and minds of boys who were becoming young men.

The amazing thing about this piece of writing is the clarity and love that runs throughout the chapters in dealing with life's problems that every human being will encounter.

Her profound suggestions throughout this book of love and kindness make the world a better place to grow up in.

Journey on. Neeko and Cruze!"

                                                                                       ~Drew Snyder, Actor, Father

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A story of heartbreak and redemption, the ultimate pain and the sweetest of joys.

American poet Elisa Christensen chronicles her emotions through the celebrated birth of her two sons, and ultimately her greatest heartache: losing them to a long, brutal custody battle.

Finally, after six years they are reunited, and the joy and peace of a mother's heart is realized once again.

A poignant collection of poems that bears a true love story directly from the inner chambers of a mother's heart.

"This gifted poet takes you on a stunning and haunting journey through the ultimate joy of becoming a mother, the crushing heartache of losing her children, and the soaring joy of regaining her sons into her life.

This is a must-read for any parent or grandparent who has ever struggled with losing access to a child.

The reader can feel her heartache and her joy through her eloquent words."

~Jessica Canton, Mother, Poet


 An in depth look at how American parents can equip their pre-pubescent and adolescent children with the life tools necessary to help them avoid falling victim to the disease of addiction.


Christensen explores topics such as teen experimentation with drugs and alcohol, personal factors that increase their risk, and the importance of teaching our kids how to regulate the human condition without the need to numb out through substance abuse.


Christensen offers the guidance she is successfully using with her own teenaged sons, combined with current research and years of personal experience learning about this disease. 


Perhaps the most powerful part of the book are the interviews Christensen conducts with millennials in recovery. These poignant, revealing interviews offer the parents of today’s adolescents direct information about what they can do differently to help the next generation avoid this deadly disease.

LeacLeaves No Stone Unturned!


Elisa tells her truth beautifully and honestly. Her selfless commitment to her subjects covers difficult material and is layered with sharp social analysis as well as amazing candid interviews.

~Mountain Girl via Amazon

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From a remote village in The Congo, a wealthy villa in Tehran, and the colorful courthouses of New Orleans, five extraordinary women’s lives are interwoven as they must face the most heart wrenching of circumstances.


What arises from these seemingly insurmountable tragedies is a unique bond between them, for they share a heroism and tenacity that could only be created from the purest of loves: that which a mother has for her child.

 A Page Turner

The author did a very good job of balancing the character's emotions with their need to dig deep and overcome adversity. Add some swashbuckling international intrigue to the mix and you've got yourself quite a reading experience.

~William via Amazon

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Speaking Engagements

Ms. Christensen is currently accepting bookings for speaking engagements on overcoming addiction, transforming from victim to warrior, and raising children to be both addiction-resistant and honorable young adults.

 She is available in the United States and Canada.

For any media, publishing or distribution inquiries, please contact Fortitude Publishing:

Telephone: 805-223-3314

PO BOX 6848

Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222

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